I am going to need point out that PJ’s long-lost relationships was with his family members

I am going to need point out that PJ’s long-lost relationships was with his family members

Probably since the he has got you to definitely matchmaking on longest. When it comes to a spouse, PJ is. perhaps not an informed member on the video game of like.

Perhaps one of the most powerful matchmaking into the a family group is sisters. PJ and Teddy strive, even so they always install it out. They yet not, secretly like one another since sisters, even though they are done opposites. It love both eg real siblings but never constantly show it. In most Collapse whenever Teddy is actually disturb, PJ cheered the woman up. Teddy and you can PJ constantly capture turns caring for Charlie.

Bob Duncan

Bob was PJ’s father and they like both quite definitely. Regardless of this but not, PJ appears to be scared hanging out with your. Whenever Bob requested in the event that PJ is ready to have fun, PJ appears off as he must wade angling with his father (“Charlie was step 1”), and PJ refuses to visit an AVM performance with his father (Stone Sign up.) not, PJ did let his Bob join their band for 1 evening. Not surprisingly, PJ do worry about Bob’s attitude and you can cannot instance hurting or unsatisfying their dad. Whenever PJ happen to holidays the very last record out-of Bob’s ring, PJ seems bad and makes the work to locate Bob’s ring together. PJ can be frustrated during the Bob to possess his birth certification, where his name’s shown as the ‘Potty John’ (“Do you Continue a secret?”), otherwise when Bob identifies your once the ‘the nice one’ (“Appy Months”). One thing in keeping that Bob and you will PJ provides together are that they were both in a band. Hence, PJ’s musical talent most likely is inspired by his father Bob. In general, sometimes they has actually a close relationships and PJ is pleased when Bob is actually pleased with your. In the end of one’s series, Bob helps PJ set-up a beneficial peanut butter and you will jelly sub sit and therefore PJ names B PJ’s PB J in honor of his father and you can himself (“B” is short for Bob).

Charlie Duncan

PJ loves Charlie, but spends the lady cuteness to acquire lady so you’re able to such as for instance him into the “Something’s Fishy” and you can spends the lady to obtain money in “Equipment and you will Kaboodle”. Their frauds constantly really works apart from the people where the guy lies to help you their moms and dads just like the Charlie is bad under some pressure. She generally speaking let’s anything sneak thanks to the lady mouth area. Charlie likes PJ. She’s told you so. She apologized to PJ as he mentioned that she’s dreadful under great pressure. PJ does not attention babysitting Charlie, but could become really reckless in some instances. He got unsuitable baby household from the park shortly after flirting with Emma in the “Infant Come back”. PJ and you may Charlie provides a separate matchmaking PJ wants Charlie extremely far and Charlie likes PJ a great deal so they are extremely romantic. PJ and additionally educated her ideas on how to say “I wuv PJ” in order to get women from the shopping mall. It doesn’t avoid well to have him since his woman falls to own Charlie’s cuteness rather than himself.

Amy Duncan

Regardless of if he will not reveal they, PJ likes Amy and cares on her behalf profoundly. Particularly Teddy and Gabe, he thinks she actually is very uncool and lame however, they have lied to protect the woman emotions regarding collection. PJ is famous, which have Gabe, while making fun from her preparing. PJ is called a far greater get ready upcoming the lady. PJ together, along with his siblings remember that mom Likes the fresh new spotlight including someone else. On the occurrence “Amazing Gracie”, they are viewed moving a switch to obtain Amy to help you pop music from an enormous jack-in-the-container. It’s very shown that PJ and you may Amy get the very best Dog dating review experience of one another than just Amy does along with the woman other college students. In one event, Amy mentions one to PJ are the girl favorite.